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Drug Drop-Off Locations for Fort Myers & Lee County

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New Lethal Opioid: U-47700 or it’s street name, “Pinky” in Florida, may hit Fort Myers

  • A new type of substance, similar to heroin in its physical affects, is adding to the gravitas the of the opioid epidemic and claiming Florida lives. Read more

Florida Ballot Includes Legalization of Medical Marijuana

  • On November 8, 2016, Florida residents, including those in Fort Myers, voted in favor of the use of medical marijuana, which could have numerous effects on psychiatric treatment and drug addiction centers. Read more

Florida’s Opioid Epidemic Declared as a Public Health Emergency in Fort Myers and Elsewhere

  • Opioid abuse in Fort Myers and other areas of Florida has hit such high levels that Governor Rick Scott has classified this issue as a public health emergency. Read more