Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment Center & Hospital in Fort Myers

Park Royal Hospital offers life-changing treatment for adults & older adults struggling with co-occurring disorders. Serving Fort Myers and the surrounding area, Park Royal provides the tools needed to manage co-occurring disorders and find lasting recovery.

What are Co-Occurring Disorders?

What are Co-Occurring Disorders?

It is very common for people to struggle with more than one mental health disorder at a time. The staff at Park Royal Hospital in Fort Myers, FL knows how difficult it is to get all of your symptoms under control, especially while you are feeling helpless and experiencing a great deal of emotional pain. Our multi-disciplinary teams at our treatment center are made up of psychiatrists, social workers, therapists, primary care physicians, physical therapists, and nurses available 24 hours a day are fully trained to identify those who come to our treatment center suffering from co-occurring disorders. They will work with you to explain all of your conditions, and to provide the most effective treatment for your specific needs. Our holistic approach used at Park Royal Hospital allows us to treat the whole individual, not just focus on the symptoms, allowing you to get all of your conditions and co-occurring disorders under control while in treatment at our Fort Myers center.

Treatment Assessment

Treatment Assessment to Determine Best Treatment Options

Often people may not be aware of the existence of a co-occurring disorder that is adding to the primary problem when they don’t get a professional evaluation at a hospital or treatment center. This is why upon arrival to Park Royal Hospital every patient undergoes a complete assessment in order to evaluate all possible conditions and co-occurring disorders. If a person is physically dependent on a substance and requires detox, then the symptoms of another condition may not be apparent until the detoxification process is complete. For this reason, we will constantly monitor your progress in treatment at our center and complete evaluations throughout your stay with us. If other difficulties should arise while you are in treatment for a co-occurring disorder, we will make the necessary changes to your treatment plan.

Standard of Excellence

Standard of Excellence for Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Park Royal Hospital is known as a leading behavioral health center in Fort Myers, FL that provides a standard of excellence in mental health services and co-occurring disorders. Adults and seniors who have trouble dealing with the challenges of daily life can receive life-changing treatment from the dedicated staff at Park Royal Hospital. We want you to feel hopeful once again about your future and to know that life can get better. Here at Park Royal Hospital, you can find the perfect environment for you to begin the healing process.

Only Park Royal was able to get me the help I needed for my co-occurring disorders. I am truly grateful for them!

– Anonymous Patient