Fort Myers IOP for Behavioral Health & Substance Abuse

In order to stay true to our mission of being a leader in providing quality behavioral healthcare services, Park Royal Behavioral Health Services is pleased to offer comprehensive services through our intensive outpatient program in Fort Myers, Florida.

Criteria for IOP

Criteria for Intensive Outpatient Program in Fort Myers

This intensive outpatient program (IOP) is designed for men and women, aged 18 and older, who are in need of therapeutic services that are more intense than those which are typically offered in traditional outpatient settings, or for individuals who are stepping down from an inpatient or partial hospitalization program level of care.

Disorders Treated

Disorders Treated in our IOP in Fort Myers

The intensive outpatient program provides patients with an opportunity to participate in therapeutic interventions that were created to address a wide range of presenting problems. With specific group therapy sessions being held for patients suffering from mental health disorders, as well as groups being held for those struggling with substance abuse and addiction, the various types of conditions that can be addressed through IOP include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Substance use disorders
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depressive disorders
  • Co-occurring mental health conditions and other emotional and/or behavioral concerns.

Our clinical team focuses on helping patients determine what actions they can take in order to understand, control, and improve their particular situations. Using a cognitive behavioral therapeutic approach in the care they deliver, the staff at Park Royal Behavioral Health Services is able to help patients learn how to recognize, challenge, and alter negative thought processes in order to make positive changes in their lives.

Group Therapy

The Value of Group Therapy

Group therapy is the main component to the treatment offered in the intensive outpatient program. Here at Park Royal Behavioral Health Services, we believe that participation in group therapy serves to benefit patients in many ways. They can use this time to learn from their peers, while also giving and receiving support to and from other patients who are battling similar challenges. Group therapy sessions offer a safe space for a wide range of discussions to be had on various topics that pertain to the individuals who are taking part in the program. Such discussions can be centered on topics such as coping skills, self-esteem, anger management, symptom management, acceptance, and relapse prevention. Furthermore, group therapy sessions offer patients a chance to practice the skills that they have learned in a comfortable setting where they can receive appropriate and helpful feedback.

Included as part of these group therapy sessions are process groups and psychoeducational groups. Process groups provide patients with an opportunity to discuss their experiences in treatment and review how they will implement changes into their daily lives once treatment has come to an end. Process groups can also afford patients the chance to discuss any concerns that they have regarding the treatment process as a whole. Psychoeducational groups are led by professional staff members and are designed to help patients learn about the various aspects of mental illness and the disease of addiction.

In addition to group therapy, when patients engage in intensive outpatient programming at Park Royal Behavioral Health Services, they may receive individual therapy, supportive therapy, and unstructured time to interact with peers. In sum, by receiving care in IOP at Park Royal Behavioral Health Services, patients can improve their mood, build emotional tolerance, improve socialization skills, restore relationships, enhance support systems, and rejuvenate their ability to participate in activities.

Program Length & Schedule

Length of Stay & Schedule While in IOP

The intensive outpatient program generally lasts for about 12 weeks. However, the actual length of time that an individual spends in this program will vary depending on his or her specific needs. At Park Royal Behavioral Health Services, we provide patients with individualized treatment plans that are catered to address their unique sets of concerns, as well as highlight their particular strengths. Therefore, once a patient becomes engaged in the intensive outpatient program, his or her progress in treatment will ultimately determine how long he or she will continue to take part in programming.

The Fort Myers intensive outpatient program meets three to five days per week, depending on a patient’s specific needs. Programming lasts from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and the times during which each patient will participate in programming, as well as the particular type of programming that he or she will engage in, will be determined at the time of admission. This determination will be based on what will be most beneficial in helping the patient to fully address his or her specific needs and concerns so that he or she can meet his or her treatment goals.

If you or someone you care for could benefit from the comprehensive services offered in the Fort Myers intensive outpatient program here at Park Royal Behavioral Health Services, please do not hesitate to contact our admissions department at your convenience.

Everyone was nice and helpful! The techs I worked with made things make sense in the most upbeat cheerful way.

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