Benzo Abuse & Addiction Treatment & Rehab Center in Fort Myers

Park Royal Hospital offers life-changing treatment for adults & older adults struggling with benzo abuse. Serving Fort Myers and the surrounding area, Park Royal provides the tools needed to overcome benzo addiction and find lasting sobriety.

Treatment for Benzo Addiction

Treatment for Benzo Addiction at Park Royal

Benzodiazepines are a class of anxiolytic medications commonly prescribed for people who struggle with anxiety and sleep disorders. Commonly prescribed benzos include Xanax, Klonopin, and Valium, all of which provide various sedating properties to the user. While most people take their benzodiazepines as directed by their physician at the right time, right frequency, and right dosage, there are a subset of people who become hooked on the benzos.

Benzodiazepine drug misuse or benzodiazepine abuse occurs when a person uses prescription benzodiazepines in a nonmedical manner, such as using the drugs for longer than prescribed or recreationally to get high. Different benzodiazepines have different potential for abuse. The more rapid the onset of the effects following ingestion, the greater the intoxicating effect produced by the drug and the more open to abuse the medication becomes. Prescribed most often in tablet form, but people who are addicted to benzos often crush the pills and snort them or dissolve them in water and inject the drugs intravenously. Injecting benzodiazepines produce the quickest and most intense rush for abusers of this class of drug.

Benzodiazepines are most often abused by people who engage in polysubstance abuse, which means abusing more than one drug at a time. Many who are addicted to other downers such as opiate narcotics such as Vicodin, heroin, or alcohol use benzos to increase the effects of the other drug providing a greater level of intoxication. Abusing multiple downers at one time can lead to serious side effects such as overdose and death. Other people abuse benzodiazepines by mixing them with stimulants such as meth and cocaine in an attempt to produce a more mellow high and decrease the unpleasant effects of uppers. This cocktail of drug use can lead to heart attacks, stroke, and further cardiovascular complications. To avoid these potentially deadly outcomes, individuals may need professional treatment at an addiction rehab center to overcome their benzo abuse.

Abuse of benzodiazepines can impact every part of an addict’s life. Benzodiazepine addiction can lead to increased risk-taking behavior as the drugs lower the inhibition of the user. Additionally, the IV usage of benzos can lead to very dire health consequences such as infection by HIV/AIDS or other blood-borne pathogens. People addicted to benzos will suffer from very serious withdrawal symptoms if they attempt to discontinue usage, leading to a terrifying cycle of abuse. This is why a proper rehab center such as Park Royal is essential when treating people who are addicted to benzos.Fortunately, Park Royal Hospital in Fort Myers, FL offers high-quality benzo addiction treatment and detox at our center where you can become sober and find health and wellness once more.

Why Choose Us

Why Seek Benzo Addiction Treatment at Park Royal Hospital

Our beautiful treatment and rehab center located in sunny Fort Myers, Florida, is ready to help in your recovery from your addiction to benzodiazepines. We have many years of experience helping men and women just like you overcome their addictions at our treatment center. At Park Royal Hospital, we’re dedicated to helping you safely detox from benzos, learn appropriate coping strategies, and begin to heal every aspect of your being.

Long-term abuse of benzodiazepines can lead to serious effects in nearly every aspect of your life. Friends and loved ones may pull away from you, unsure how to handle your addiction. You may find yourself unemployed or kicked out of school because you’re simply too high to be effective. You may face financial hardships and health consequences of abusing benzos. You may feel alone, helpless, and trapped in the cycle of addiction. At Park Royal Hospital, we will work tirelessly to restore hope into your world, allowing you to see the future with fresh, sober eyes while you are at our treatment and rehab center for benzo addiction.

Treatment Philosophy and Benefits

Benzo Addiction Treatment Philosophy and Benefits

At Park Royal Hospital, we aim to be a leader in the mental health community, helping our patients successfully recover from addiction. We pride ourselves on our integrity and tireless compassion for everyone who comes to us for help at our treatment and rehab center. Our full spectrum of treatment and rehab programs can assure you no matter where you are in your recovery from substance abuse; we will have a program that meets your needs. At Park Royal, we see each person who comes to us at our rehab for benzo addiction as a unique individual that needs a plan of care to meet their own needs. Our holistic treatment center aims to treat all the needs of each person who comes to us – mind, body, and spirit.

Types of Treatment

Types of Treatment and Rehab Used at Our Fort Myer’s Center

When you come to us for help with your benzodiazepine addiction, we’ll spend a good deal of time getting to know you, your needs, and your desires. Our well-trained treatment and rehab team will perform complete medical and psychological examinations so we can ascertain how dependent upon benzos your body has become and determine if you are struggling with co-occurring mental illnesses. If it’s determined you require detox before beginning our rehab program for treatment for your benzo addiction, this will be the first step in your recovery from benzo addiction.

Thanks to the public perception of detox, the detoxification process can seem like a scary idea for many, which is why we work very hard to let you know what to expect and when to expect it during the entire detox process. We’ll safely and comfortably begin to detox you from benzodiazepines at our Fort Myers rehab center, helping you manage the withdrawal symptoms around the clock. We’ll make sure you’re medically stabilized before we release you into our inpatient program to address the psychological aspects of your addiction.

Medication may be a part of your plan of care during your stay with us while you are enrolled at our benzo addiction treatment and rehab center. Many who come to us for rehab only require medication at the beginning of treatment or during detox to best manage any symptoms they’re experiencing. Soon, they learn proper coping mechanisms and will be able to slowly taper down their medications. Other people may require more long-term medication management to address co-occurring disorders such as bipolar disorder or major depression. You will work with your treatment and rehab team to decide what will work best for you. In addition to detox and medication management, we also offer a number of therapies designed to help you address the psychological aspect of addiction.

Group therapy is the most common form of therapy we use at Park Royal Hospital. We firmly believe the best way to recover from addiction is through the peer-to-peer interaction in a group therapy setting.  In our process-based or psycho-educational groups, you’ll be able to connect with other individuals who are similarly struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders at our benzo addiction treatment and rehab center.

We also offer individual therapy to address any concerns you may have during your stay with us while you are enrolled at our benzo addiction treatment and rehab center. The one-on-one undivided attention of a therapist will allow you the opportunity to delve into issues you’re not comfortable sharing in group as you learn proper coping mechanisms, relapse prevention, and work to get to the root of your addiction.

As each person who comes to us for treatment and rehab is a part of a larger group of loved ones, friends, and family, we aim to include these individuals in your recovery process. Through family therapy sessions, you’ll be able to openly discuss your addiction, mend broken or strained relationships, and teach your loved ones about addiction and recovery. We’ll also connect your loved ones with local community resources like A.A., Alanon and N.A. so they have the opportunity to continue healing.

In addition to the more traditional therapeutic modalities, we aim to include experiential treatments into your care during your stay at our benzo addiction treatment and rehab center. These may include:

  • Recreational programs
  • Activities therapy
  • Leisure time
  • A.A. and N.A.
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy

Continuing Care

Continuing Care – What Comes Next?

As your time with us at our benzo addiction treatment and rehab center comes to an end, you will work alongside your treatment team to create an aftercare plan addressing all of your continuing needs. Our discharge planning team will be active in your care from the minute you come to us until far after you leave our doors and they will help ease the transition into another program.

Some of our patients opt to join a residential treatment and rehab center to continue their recovery journey. Others opt to step down into our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) which offers a similar structure and treatment modalities as our inpatient program. This treatment program runs three hours a day, three days each week and combines therapy, peer support, and education. Still others will opt to discharge home with referrals to outpatient therapy and community resources after leaving our benzo addiction treatment and rehab center.

If you or someone you care about could benefit from the life-saving benzo addiction treatment and rehab that is offered at Park Royal Hospital in Fort Myers, FL, call us today. We can help.

Park Royal helped me through my addiction to benzos and other pills. Their caring team gave me a new chance at life and I'm so grateful I chose this facility as my rehab center

– Anonymous Patient