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Park Royal Hospital offers medically-assisted detox for individuals coming to us for treatment for painkiller abuse. Serving Fort Myers and the surrounding area, Park Royal provides a full continuum of care, giving holistic treatment for all who come through our doors.

The Importance of Detox

The Importance of Detox Treatment for Painkiller Addiction

Given the potent and highly addictive nature of prescription painkillers, it’s no wonder that people encounter a number of obstacles when they try to defeat this sort of concern alone. From emotional and environmental triggers, to overwhelming symptoms of withdrawal, a painkiller abuse problem is something that almost always necessitates professional treatment.

Whether you were given a prescription for a painkiller like Vicodin, oxycodone, hydrocodone, OxyContin, or Percocet for legitimate medical reasons, or if you’ve been acquiring these types of substances illegally, if you’re engaging in the abuse of prescription pain medications, then you may know how hard it can be to end this kind of substance abuse problem. Especially if you’ve been abusing painkillers for a long time, the stronghold that these medications can have can be especially powerful and difficult to break free from. But, when you’re ready to change your life for the better and achieve a sober lifestyle, you can begin treatment at an addiction treatment center for prescription painkiller abuse that includes detox that can guide you towards a drug-free future.

However, as you search for a treatment center to get the professional help you want, you should make sure that the program you choose also features detoxification services. Better known as detox, this type of care can help your body heal from the effects of painkiller abuse and assist you in being able to focus on mending the other facets of your life that have been adversely impacted by your chemical dependency problem. Fortunately, Park Royal Hospital in Fort Myers, FL offers the high-quality prescription painkiller addiction treatment and detox at our center where you can become sober and find health and wellness once more.

Benefits of Detox

Benefits of Detox for Painkiller Addiction at Park Royal Hospital

When you make the conscious choice to start a program t at an addiction treatment center for prescription painkiller abuse that includes detox, you’re making a decision that can drastically improve your future. Within this level of care, your health can improve in a life-saving manner, as prescription painkillers are cleared from your system while in detox. In fact, helpful and dedicated professionals at a prescription painkiller detox and treatment center are on-hand in this type of service to ensure that your overall health and wellbeing are preserved. From the moment you step foot in a detox program at a treatment center for prescription painkiller addiction, you’ll receive the interventions and support you require to be truly successful in the initial stages of your recovery process. Furthermore, since detox does not permit the use of drugs onsite, you will be able to avoid relapse and get through withdrawal in the safest manner possible. You may be given certain non-addictive and closely-monitored medications that can alleviate your discomfort during withdrawal while in detox, which can allow you to advance to the next step of your care.

When your time in detox at our addiction treatment center for prescription painkiller abuse comes to a close, you’ll be able to participate in therapeutic services without being distracted by physical withdrawal symptoms and the overwhelming compulsion to abuse painkillers once more. Considering this and the other benefits of detox treatment for prescription painkiller addiction that have been mentioned, it’s clear that this sort of care is one that can change your life for the better.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Detox at Our Center in Fort Myers

Some unfortunate effects of not partaking in detox services at a treatment center for prescription painkiller addiction include relapse, overdose, and developing a more severe addiction to painkillers. However, with detox, you’ll be able to experience the previously mentioned benefits and fully participate in the remainder of your recovery journey against prescription painkiller addiction. With the clear mind that detox at an addiction treatment center will afford you, you’ll be able to execute the following with greater focus:

  • You’ll be able to understand what led you to abuse painkillers in the first place after completing detox.
  • You’ll develop a greater sense of self that can assist you in developing healthy self-confidence.
  • You’ll comprehend your triggers to use painkillers and learn beneficial ways for coping with them while at a treatment center for prescription painkiller addiction.
  • You’ll be able to avoid relapse in the future.
  • You’ll develop other strategies for handling stress that don’t involve the use of pain medications.
  • You’ll be able to create goals for both your present and future that can assist you in living to your potential.

At Park Royal Hospital, we want nothing more than to assist you in living the sober life you want. With our detox services, invaluable support from our staff, and our dedication to doing all that we can to improve your life, we are confident that you can reach each one of your recovery goals at our detox and treatment center for prescription painkiller addiction. So, as you mull over which program would be of most benefit when starting your recovery journey, please consider this Fort Meyers, Florida treatment center. At our detox and treatment center for prescription painkiller addiction, you can realize a drug-free future that is deserving of all people.

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With the help of Park Royal Hospital's treatment professionals, I was able to quit abusing painkillers and have my life back.

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