Vicodin Abuse & Addiction Treatment & Rehab Center in Fort Myers

Park Royal Hospital offers life-changing treatment for adults & older adults struggling with Vicodin abuse. Serving Fort Myers and the surrounding area, Park Royal provides the tools needed to overcome Vicodin addiction and find lasting sobriety.

Treatment for Vicodin Addiction

Treatment for Vicodin Addiction at Park Royal

Vicodin, the brand name for a drug called “hydrocodone,” is a strong opioid narcotic painkiller commonly prescribed to treat moderate-to-severe pain. A combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen, this narcotic pain pill is used to manage pain caused by cancer, burns, injuries, and other pain-related conditions. Along with the analgesic properties of the drug, users report feeling a sense of happiness and well-being when taking the drug. While most people who are prescribed Vicodin take the drug as directed and stop when the medication is no longer needed, some individuals become addicted to the high associated with opiate narcotics. These people may take the Vicodin in higher doses than prescribed, for longer than medically necessary in order to obtain the feelings of pleasure. This is known as prescription drug abuse and it is a growing problem in the United States.

Often, people assume that a medication prescribed by a physician is safe. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Many medications carry a risk for side effects that can outweigh the benefits of the medication and Vicodin is no different. Due to the euphoric feelings produced by the drug, Vicodin addiction remains one of the biggest challenges in pain management. Many individuals who struggle with Vicodin addiction and do not seek help from a professional Vicodin addiction treatment and rehab center are attempting to cope with an undiagnosed or untreated mental illness, such as depression or bipolar disorder. These individuals use Vicodin as a form of “self-medication” to decrease symptoms of their mental illness, cope with unpleasant emotions, or to relieve stress.

Other people may choose to combine Vicodin with other drugs in order to augment the high they desire. Some choose to mix Vicodin with alcohol, benzodiazepines, or barbiturates in an attempt to increase feelings of intoxication. Some opt to mix Vicodin with stimulants such as methamphetamines or cocaine in order to reduce the unpleasant side effects of opioids. Both forms of polysubstance abuse can cause life-threatening consequences for the user if he or she does not receive treatment and rehab at an addiction treatment center for Vicodin abuse.

Fortunately, Park Royal Hospital in Fort Myers, FL offers high-quality Vicodin addiction treatment and rehab at our center where you can become sober and find health and wellness once more.

Why Choose Us

Why Seek Vicodin Addiction Treatment at Park Royal Hospital

Vicodin addiction can feel like a vicious cycle of chasing the high and recovering from the drug abuse. At Park Royal Hospital, we understand the emotional pain that causes some people to seek out narcotic painkillers as a means to cope. When you come to us at our Vicodin addiction treatment and rehab center for help, we’ll teach you more positive ways of coping with your unpleasant emotions, treat co-occurring mental disorders, and help you learn to live a life of sobriety. At Park Royal, we will do what it takes to restore hope into your world during your stay at our rehab center for Vicodin addiction treatment.

Vicodin addiction can ruin everything in your life, leaving virtually no part of it untouched. You may have lost your job or been kicked out of school due to declining performance. You may wake up and realize those whom you loved most have abandoned you, afraid to watch your downward spiral. You may find yourself hopeless, alone, broke, and at the end of your rope when you do not seek help from a professional Vicodin addiction treatment and rehab center. However, there is another way. Let Park Royal Hospital help you to overcome your Vicodin addiction once and for all.

Treatment Philosophy and Benefits

Vicodin Addiction Treatment Philosophy and Benefits

At Park Royal Hospital, we are committed to providing a continuum of treatment and rehab for individuals in our community, who are in need of mental health services. We make sure that our staff is fully trained on the most current treatment methods and is fully equipped to handle patients who present with multiple conditions. The staff here at our Vicodin addiction treatment and rehab center treats every individual with the dignity and respect they deserve, you will never be looked down upon for your substance abuse problem. You are so much more than your Vicodin addiction. Our holistic approach to treatment allows us to get to know all about you as a whole person so that we can help heal all aspects that make you a unique individual.

At Park Royal, we offer life-changing care to all those who come to us for help at our Vicodin addiction treatment and rehab center. Our goal is to help patients return to a life of productivity in their home and community as soon as possible. From the initial assessment to the last part of discharge, we will be right there with you the whole time to give you the support you need.

Types of Treatment

Types of Treatment and Rehab Used at Our Fort Myer’s Center

Our detoxification rehab program and other inpatient treatment services at our Vicodin addiction center are primarily intended to provide patient stabilization until an individual is ready to move on to the next steps of recovery. While you are working through your current mental health crisis we will provide a number of therapeutic and experiential programs to help you jump start your recovery process. This way you will be prepared for when you are ready to transition to another treatment and rehab program. Some of the therapeutic options we offer in our inpatient program include:

Detoxification program – We offer a medically monitored detoxification services for those individuals at our Vicodin addiction treatment and rehab center that have become physically dependent on a substance such as Vicodin. While going through this process we will do what we can to ensure your safety and to help reduce the unpleasantness of withdrawal symptoms. Once the toxic substances like Vicodin have been removed from your body, you are ready to begin the therapeutic process of recovery where you will learn more appropriate coping mechanism.

Group Therapy – Group therapy is an extremely effective intervention that reaches individuals who are struggling to beat Vicodin addictions. Group sessions create a more social environment where addicts can learn to work together and practice the new skills they have been learning. Process groups will be held to allow patients to work through emotions related to addiction. Psycho-educational groups are more geared toward providing education on a variety of topics that relate to substance abuse and addiction. Group therapy within a Vicodin addiction treatment and rehab center encourages individuals to take a more active approach to their recovery.

Individual Work – Although most of the program at our Vicodin addiction treatment and rehab center is designed around group work we understand that there will be times when an individual will benefit more from individual sessions. Alone time with a counselor will be held for individuals who need to work on specific concerns and delve deeper into issues such as the underlying reason for their Vicodin addiction. Individual sessions will help you to work through problems in private and help you to be more engaged in group.

Family Visitation – We know how important family is to the recovery process for individuals who are working through Vicodin addiction problems. We believe family support to be a crucial aspect of successful treatment. Family members are encouraged to visit our Vicodin addiction treatment and rehab center on weekends and to take part in the therapeutic process whenever possible. Our center’s staff can help you and your family work through any issues that may have been caused by your Vicodin addiction and to help you all learn how to support each other once again.

In addition to our established therapeutic modalities we supply for the treatment of a Vicodin addiction at our rehab center, we provide several experiential opportunities.  These include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Structured activities
  • Recreation
  • Leisure time
  • A.A. and N.A.

Continuing Care

Continuing Care – What Comes Next?

At Park Royal, ensuring continuity of care for the treatment of a Vicodin addiction is just as important as the rest of the rehab and recovery process. For some this may mean returning home with referrals to an outpatient therapist and connections to community services they can turn to for help. Others may at our Vicodin addiction treatment and rehab center still need more structured care and may be enrolled in one of our Outpatient Programs.

Our Intensive Outpatient Programs are designed for individuals who have completed inpatient treatment and rehab at our center, but still require more time to work on their recovery. This program provides structured care, but is for individuals who no longer require 24-hour supervision. Throughout your participation in this treatment and rehab program you will be involved in group sessions, individual therapy, and educational programs. Focus will be placed on improving mood, socialization skills, support systems, and relationships. This program provides therapeutic activities for 3 hours a day in addition to individualized treatment regimens.

If you or someone you care about could benefit from the life-saving Vicodin addiction treatment and rehab that is offered at Park Royal Hospital in Fort Myers, FL, call us today. We can help.

The rehab program at park royal worked me through my addiction to vicodin. Once, I thought I'd never be free of my addiction. But now.. I'm 4 months sober and I've never been happier.

– Anonymous Patient